Frescoes on Religious Subjects

Look, for example, at the altar above which the large fresco “The Prayer” is placed. In the semi-dome of the niche the Christ, blessing the parishioners, is depicted. He is holding a Gospel book in his left hand. Jesus is wearing a light-coloured tunic. A blue cloak is covering his left shoulder, since blue is the colour of the sky and eternity. There is a cross decorated with jewels on the Saviour`s chest. Worshipping his son of God, the Virgin Mary, robed in scarlet, is depicted, standing as usual to the right of Jesus. She is holding an open book in her left hand. John the Baptist, with his right hand raised in prayer is standing to the left of the Christ. In his left hand John the Baptist is holding the same book as the Virgin Mary.
Right under “The Prayer” we can see the frescoes representing the Sharing of Bread and Wine with the apostles. These two images are arranged symmetrically on either side of the centre of the niche. The apostles, standing in two groups consisting of six persons each, are approaching the Christ one by one, bowing down before the Saviour. To the left, we can see St. Peter who is taking the offered bread from the dish and to the right St. Paul is taking the wine from the holy cup.

In the other parts of the temple, we can see images representing the evangelists and prophets, the scenes of the Nativity, Escape to Egypt, Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, Epiphany, Ascension, Crucifixion, Resurrection, and other evangelical episodes.